Cultural and entertainment activities are organized at the Culture and Entertainment Center, the Student Club and the Great Hall of the University of Criminal Investigation and Police Studies. Most often, book promotions, literary evenings, exhibitions, concerts, guest performances, and student entertainment are organized. For students of the first academic year, entertaining evening is organized – Freshmen Party, to which students from other faculties and the students from the College of the Interior from Banja Luka are invited. A major contribution to entertainment activities is provided by the music section of the University with its orchestra.

We single out with special pride the plays of the History Section of the University, under the mentorship of prof. Ivana Krstić-Mistriđelović PhD. Up to now, the students of the University have performed four plays: Constantine, The Work of the Constitutional Committee followed by The Games of the Throne, which aims to point out the importance of knowing historical events in order to better understand the present and anticipate socio-political relations in Serbia in the future, and the play It’s all the Reindeer’s Fault which other than being humorous had a charity character. University students performed the play during the New Year’s holidays, and instead of buying tickets, the visitors were asked to bring candy. University students donated all the candy collected to students of the school for special needs children in Zemun.