Extracurricular activities have an optional character and as such contribute to achieving richer social life during schooling and building relationships that are in line with high standards of interpersonal behavior and profession. Given the teaching schedule and the nature of the activities, they are realized in the late afternoon and evening hours in the form of: professional lectures on current topics for students, theatre going, visits to fairs and exhibitions, as well as public debates. Students of the University take part in the ceremonies marking important dates for the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Serbia. In addition to extracurricular activities of an optional character, students of the University of Criminal Investigation and Police Studies are included as security (via supervision) at the ceremonies organized by the President of the Republic, the Government, the National Assembly and other state bodies. Also, university students act as security and participate in major sports and humanitarian events which are of importance for the city and the Republic: Belgrade marathon, Children’s marathon, “Rollerade”, “Women’s race”.