Supervision aims to recognize, develop and support socially desirable values of students systematically and in an organized way, in the framework of all forms of educational activity of the University. Supervision Department, that is, supervisors, is in charge of this and the concretization of their work involves active and direct communication between students and their supervisors, that is, continuous interaction and cooperation with the following contents: providing assistance and support to first year students in adapting to the conditions and the specifics of studying; timely detection, recognition and effective elimination of all forms of negative phenomena and behaviour; monitoring the quality and efficiency of studying, determining the reasons for insufficient performance of groups or individuals in mastering teaching material; ensuring the implementation of regulations for the disciplinary and material responsibility of students; involvement of students in extracurricular activities and their orientation towards sections in which they will most fully express their possibilities; encouraging and developing community and social values and quality; providing conditions for the smooth conduct and organization of the life and work of students during and out of university and student accommodation; monitoring the social development of students, solving their social and other life issues, and, in this connection, keeping the necessary documentation; investigating the causes of lack of discipline, poor student performance and other excesses and preparing relevant information. The Supervision Department and the Student Standard fully supervises and directs the work of foreign students, and provides them assistance and support during the mobility period at the University of Criminal Investigation and Police Studies.