The University of Criminal Investigation and Police Studies carries out 12 accredited study programmes as follows:

– Four programmes of undergraduate studies,
– Five programmes of master studies, and
– Three programmes of doctoral studies.

At the moment all study programmes are taught in Serbian language.

We are currently developing a master programme, which will be the outcome of ERASMUS+ project “ImprESS”: Improving Academic and Professional Education Capacity in Serbia in the area of Safety & Security (586410-EPP-1-2017-1-RS-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP). This master programme will be taught in English language only, which means that the conditions have been fulfilled to accept incoming students who will study in English. All information on the courses and the possibilities for incoming mobility will be duly available at the University web-site upon accreditation of this study programme.

So far there have been both the incoming and outgoing mobility of students, teaching and non-teaching staff within the University, in Serbian and English, as follows:

– There were eight incoming students (one to study in Serbian; six to have internship in Serbian and one to have internship in English);
– There were 11 incoming teachers and non-teaching staff for training (seven in Serbian and four in English);
– There were seven outgoing students (two to study in English and five for internship in Serbian), and
– There were nine outgoing teachers and members of non-teaching staff (for training in English).

All teachers and researchers at the University can speak English and the majority can speak more than one language (primarily German, Russian and French), so that they all can be informal support to foreign students in learning Serbian language. More details on language knowledge and teacher contacts are available in their CVs.

In addition to this, there are five English language teachers working at the University and one translator for English and Greek. They can offer formal support in learning Serbian language for incoming students and teachers in the form of short courses of Serbian language. At the same time these teachers teach English to the students of the University of Criminal Investigation and Police Studies as a part of the respective curricula but also at additional English language courses. English language is taught as a foreign language for two semesters during the undergraduate studies (the first and the fourth semester of Criminal Investigation programme, and the first and the second semester of Forensic Engineering and Informatics and Computer Science respectively). There is also an elective English course offered at master studies of Criminal Investigation. Our English teachers are also involved in language assessment of the outgoing students who do not have language certificates (B1 level at least).