There are over 30,000 books and magazines at the library of the University of Criminal Investigation and Police Studies, mainly in the field of criminal law, legal and other social sciences. The library is a full member of the COBISS Platform within the project Virtual Library of Serbia. There is a very rich reference collection in the library: dictionaries, lexicons, general and professional encyclopedias, among which the Encyclopedia Britannica in 33 volumes (published in 1994). In addition to the rich collection of manuals, the fund also has a valuable collection of old and rare books - the International Police by Vasa Lazarević (Belgrade, 1933) or the Police Pocket Manual for the City of Belgrade (Belgrade, 1940). In addition to the significant works in the areas studied in the Serbian language at the University, the library also has a large number of relevant foreign books related to the police, criminalistics and criminology. The library is equipped with computers with internet access. Cooperation with the National Library of Serbia and the University Library “Svetozar Markovic” has been established, in addition with other related libraries in the country and abroad. The library of the University of Criminal Investigation and Police Studies is a member of the Community of University Libraries in Serbia.