Sports and recreational activities of students are realized and developed within the Sport and Recreation Center, as well as special projects and programs of the University of Criminal Investigation and Police Studies, with the aim of improving and developing psycho-physical and health preferences and abilities, developing a competitive spirit and proper designing and organizing leisure time of students. The Supervision Department and Student Standard aim to enable students to deal with the desired sport through sports sections: judo, karate, shooting, swimming, table tennis, futsal, basketball, orienteering, body building, and chess. During the school year, students compete in several sports in the league and in the cup of the University Sports Federation of Belgrade and branch sports federations. Students of the University of Criminal Investigation and Police Studies also participate in sporting events within the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Serbia. The most successful competitors in their disciplines take part in the Balkan and European championships. Sports and recreational, extracurricular and cultural activities in the framework of supervision are also organized during field training in the Training Center “Mitrovo Polje” in Goč, as well as during training in winter conditions in Kopaonik.

During the mobility the students can use:

  • Gymnasium for Skills Physical Education (during the working hours of sports sections: basketball - men and women, volleyball - men and women, martial arts, as well as during the hours used by the employees of the University of Criminal Investigation and Police Studies and students for independent activities));
  • Handball court which is next to the gymnasium for Skills Physical Education (futsal section - men and women, handball - men and women);
  • Depending on the students’ interests and the calendar of competitions, sections are formed for performing at different athletic, orienteering and rowing events;
  • The gym;
  • The rifle range (only as the shooting section which is formed depending on the students’ interests).