Research Study Project 2

Course Code: 113.6

ECTS: 10

Number of Effective Classes (Per Week):

Theoretical Education:

Practical Training:

Research Study Project:




Prerequisite/s: None

Educational Objective: To get acquainted with scientific-research work methodology through analysis of some new scientific results related to mandatory courses in the second semester. To get acquainted with research methods used to accomplish them and to develop critical and creative thinking related to these results.

Projected Outcome:

Through detailed analysis of new scientific results and methods used to accomplish these results the students should get the knowledge of the current directions of scientific research in the given field, which methods are currently used in these researches, and to get the skills to use these and similar methods in their own research. The students should create a proper critical and creative thinking related to the current scientific results in the field they will subsequently deal with.

Course Contents/Structure

Research study project is carried out through writing and defending a term paper related to the mandatory course attended during the second semester. At the beginning of each academic year the professors suggest a list of possible term paper topics which could be covered within Research study project 2. The students select a topic from the list, but they can also select a topic which is not on the list if this is approved by the professor. In addition to the topic, the students are given a list of recommended literature they may use. With continuous consultations with the professor, the student would critically analyze the selected problem and methodology used to solve it, and the professor would encourage the student to find, if possible, some alternative approaches to solving the particular problem. Upon the analysis of the problem the student will write a term paper using the standards for writing of scientific-expert publications, and the term paper will be presented/defended in front of the professor and other PhD students in the form of lecture at the Department of Criminal Investigation.

Teaching Methods: The students will critically analyze the problem which is given as a term paper topic with constant consultations with the professor with whom they selected the topic, write a term paper which will be presented/defended in front of the teacher and other PhD students in the form of a lecture.