Research Study Project 1

Course Code: 111.3

ECTS: 10

Course Status:


Number of Effective Classes (Per Week): 10

Theoretical Education:

Practical Training:

Research Study Project:




Prerequisite/s: None

Educational Objective: Introduction to the methodology of scientific research by analyzing some recent scientific results related to compulsory subjects from the first semester. Getting acquainted with the research methods used to approach them, and developing a critical and creative relationship to these results.

Projected Outcome: Through a detailed analysis of the new scientific results and methods used to obtain these results, the student should find out which are the most current directions of scientific research in a given area, which are the current methods used in these research, and he should be able to use these and similar methods in his own research. The student should create a proper critical and creative attitude towards the current scientific results in the field of interest.

Course Contents/Structure

Theoretical education: Research study is realized through the preparation and presentation of research paper related to the compulsory subject that is being taught in the first semester. Lecturers at the beginning of each school year propose a list of possible topics. The student chooses a topic from the list, but can also choose a topic that is not on the list, if the lecturer accepts it. In addition, the student receives a list of literature that can be used. With continuous consultations with the lecturer, the student critically analyzes the chosen problem and the methodology used in solving it, and the lecturer encourages him to eventually find some alternative approaches in solving the problem. After the analysis is completed, the student writes a paper, using standards for writing scientific-professional publications, and presents it to the lecturer and other students of doctoral studies in the form of lecture (at least 45 minutes) at the Department of Informatics and Computer Science.

Teaching Methods: The student critically analyzes the chosen problem, consulting with the lecturer, then writes a paper and presents it to the lecturer and other students of doctoral studies in the form of lecture (at least 45 minutes).