Course Code Course Title Course Language Teachers
Department of Criminalistics
S22 Administrative Law    
А22 Administrative Law    
А24 Basics of Criminal Procedure Law    
А13 Basics of Informatics    
S16 Basics of Police Informatics    
S11 Basics of State and Law    
А4K9 Biometric Identifications (CM)    
15.41 Combating Domestic Violence    
А353 Community Policing    
S2P5 Community Policing (Police and Security Module - PSM)    
15.37 Confronting Fan Hooliganism    
А12 Constitutional Law    
S14 Constitutional Law and Protection of Human Rights    
D5I1 Constitutional System of the Republic of Serbia    
IK5 Contemporary Security Studies    
15.21 Control of the Police    
15.23 Crime Control Policy    
IK8 Crime Investigation Analytics    
D23 Crime Investigation Management    
S37 Crime Investigation Operations    
А41 Crime Investigation Operations    
А411 Crime Investigation Strategy    
А4P10 Crime Mapping (PM)    
А3K10 Crime Prevention (CM)    
S2K5 Crime Prevention (Forensic Science Module – FSM)    
15.9 Crime Scene Investigation    
S3K4 Criminal and Forensic Crime Scene Processing (FSM)    
D2I6 Criminal Behavior Analysis    
IK7 Criminal Investigation of Contemporary Forms of Crime    
15.11 Criminal Investigation of Cybercrime    
15.12 Criminal Investigation of Illegal Drug Trafficking    
15.10 Criminal Investigation of Property Crime    
15.13 Criminal Investigation of Violent Crime    
15.14 Criminal Investigations of Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing    
S19 Criminal Law    
А14 Criminal Law – General Part    
А19 Criminal Law – Special Part    
113.3 Criminal Law (Substantive and Procedural)    
15.27 Criminal Law Suppression of Organized Crime, Terrorism and Corruption    
А3К9 Criminal Medicine (CM)    
S2K10 Criminal Medicine (FSM)    
S27 Criminal Procedure Law    
15.8 Criminal Profiling    
S33 Criminal Psychology    
А44 Criminal Psychology    
15.18 Criminal Tactics of Conducting Interviews and Examinations    
D2I5 Criminalistic Victimology    
113.4 Criminalistics    
S3KP53 Criminalistics and Police Analytics (FSM and PSM)    
S21 Criminalistics Tactics    
А21 Criminalistics Tactics    
А27 Criminalistics Techniques    
S28 Criminology    
А23 Criminology    
113.2 Criminology    
15.32 Crisis Management in the Security System    
DSK Doctoral Dissertation    
S3K12 Economic Crime (FSM)    
А4K10 Economic Crimes (CM)    
А2V3 Elective professional training    
S2V3P Elective professional training (PSM)    
D41 Endangering Persons, Property and Business    
S15 English Language 1    
А15 English Language 1    
S24 English Language 2    
А25 English Language 2    
15.34 English Language for Criminal Investigators    
15.39 Environmental Safety    
А381 Environmental Security    
15.25 European Standards of Police Condact in the Criminal Procedure    
15.6 Evidence in Criminal Proceedings    
15.15 Expertise for Criminal Investigations    
15.31 Financial Forensics    
D2I3 Financial Investigation    
D5I4 Fiscal Management    
S2V3K Forensic science practice 2 (FSM)    
S3V4K Forensic science practice 3 (FSM)    
А2V2 General professional training    
S2V2P General professional training (PSM)    
15.28 Grounds of Exclusion of Offenses - Rights and Duties of Police Officers    
15.40 History of Criminalistics    
15.33 Human and Material Resources in Police    
А382 Human Rights    
D2I2 Identification in Criminalistics    
А484 Illegal Migrations and Human Trafficking    
D5I3 Information Systems Security Management    
S1V1 Informative practical training    
А1V1 Informative practical training    
D33 Intelligence and Counter-Intelligence Aspects of Terrorism and Anti-Terrorism    
А4B9 Intelligence Methodology (SEG)    
А33 Internal Affairs Law    
15.26 International Criminal Law    
D2I1 International Criminal Police Cooperation    
IK1 International Human Rights Law    
А4P9 International Police Cooperation (PM)    
А42 International Public Law    
А4B10 International Security (SM)    
S23 Introduction in Criminalistics Techniques    
А17 Introduction to Economics    
S12 Introduction to Economy    
А11 Introduction to Law    
15.30 Juvenile Delinquency    
D6I1 Labour Relations in Civil Service    
IK2 Law and Economics in Public Sector    
D42 Legal Basis for the Security of Property and Persons    
IK3 Management of Police    
MDR Master Thesis    
15.38 Methodology of Police Training    
113.1 Methodology of Scientific Research    
S31 Methods in Criminalistics    
А31 Metodics of Criminal Investigation    
S26 Misdemeanor Law    
А29 Misdemeanor Law    
15.7 Models of Criminal Police Work    
S17 National Security    
А32 National Security    
А26 National State and Law History    
S36 Organization and Tactics of the Police    
А47 Organized Crime    
S3KP14 Organized Crime and Terrorism (FSM and PSM)    
D3I2 Phenomenology of Security Risks    
D43 Physical-Technical Protection Systems    
15.2 Police and Human Rights    
15.22 Police and the Protection of Vulnerable People    
А453 Police Control in Road Traffic and Police Road Traffic Regulation    
S3P9 Police Control in Road Traffic and Police Road Traffic Regulation (PSM)    
А354 Police Ethics    
15.29 Police in Administrative Proceedings and Disputes    
A452 Police in Criminal Procedure    
S390 Police in Criminal Procedure (FSM)    
А34 Police Informatics    
S38 Police Management    
А28 Police Organising and Police Work    
15.19 Police Subculture    
А384 Police Tactics (Criminalistics module - CM and Security module - SM)    
А3P9 Police Tactics (Police module - PM)    
А385 Police Topography (CM)    
А3P10 Police Topography (PM and SM)    
S2P10 Police Topography (PSM)    
D21 Preventing and Forecasting    
S3P52 Prevention and Suppressing of Fires, Accidents and Explosions Fighting (PSM)    
S2V2K Professional Forensic Science Practice 1 (FSM)    
S3V4P Professional method training (PSEG)    
А3V4P Professional method training 1 (PM)    
А4V6K Professional method training 2 (CM)    
А4V6P Professional organizational and method training (PM)    
А4V6B Professional security training (SM)    
А4V5 Professional training    
А3V4KV Professional training in criminalistics (CM and SM)    
15.24 Prosecutorial Investigation Model    
D53 Public Administration    
А43 Public Finances    
113.5 Research Study Project 1    
113.6 Research Study Project 2    
113.11 Research Study Project 3    
113.12 Research Study Project 4    
113.13 Research Study Project 5    
A483 Risk Management in the System of Protection and Rescuing    
15.17 Road Traffic Criminalistics    
S32 Road Traffic Safety    
А36 Road Traffic Safety    
D22 Securing Evidence    
D4I2 Security and Protection of Persons    
IK6 Security in Emergency Situations    
А3B9 Security in Emergency Situations (SM)    
А46 Security Management    
D2I7 Security Systems    
S13 Sociology and Police Ethics    
А16 Sociology and Social Pathology    
S29 SPE 2 – Special Part    
А37 SPE 3 – the Use of Force    
D2I4 Special Investigative Methods    
S110 Special Physical Education (SPE) 1 – General Part    
15.35 Specialised Management of Police Discipline    
D63 Staff Management    
15.36 State Border Security    
IK4 Support for Decision-Making in Police    
S3P12 System of Protection of Persons and Property (PSM)    
D52 System of Public Administration    
А454 Systems of Protecting Persons and Property    
S3K13 Tactics of Interviewing and Police Questioning (FSM and PSM)    
S3P13 Tactics of Special Purpose Police Units (PSM)    
S18 Technical Means of the Police    
А18 Technical Means of the Police    
15.16 Terrorism and Political Violence    
D61 The Management of Safety Organisational Systems    
D6I3 Theories of Crisis and Conflict    
А352 Victimology