Course Code Course Title Course Language Teachers
Department of Forensic Engineering
IF2 Advanced Forensic Technology    
11.172 Advanced Systems for Biometrical Identification    
2.46 Application of Mass Spectroscopy for Material Identification    
2.4341 Ballistic Engineering    
2.18 Basics of Electrical Engineering    
2.11 Basics of Forensics    
12.15 Biochemical Engineering    
2.16 Biology    
IF12 Biomedical Engineering    
2.32 Biometric Technologies and Identifications    
IF13 Biometrics and Security Intelligence Systems    
2.22 Biophysics    
12.143 Biotechnology    
12.181 Bioterrorism    
2.25 Chemical and Technological Engineering    
12.183 Chemical Engineering    
2.3784 Chemical-Biological Weapons    
IF4 Chromatography Methods    
2.4342 Contemporary Anti-Ballistic Materials    
IF9 Contemporary Information Technologies in Forensics    
2.42 Contemporary Methods in Technological Engineering    
12.16 Contemporary Techniques for the Material Identification    
23 Criminal and Criminal Procedure Law    
25 Criminalistics    
35 Digital Forensics    
DSF Doctoral Dissertation    
2.4343 Ecotoxicology    
12.141 Electrochemical Engineering    
2.21 Engineering Management    
2.3343 Engineering of Explosives and Explosive Devices    
2.4344 Engineering of Polymeric Material    
A15 English Language 1    
A25 English Language 2    
2.3782 Environmental Protection    
2.35 Genetics and Genetic Engineering    
2.49 Geographic Software Engineering    
2.36 Health and Safety Engineering    
2.4781 Human and Material Resources    
2.4783 Human Rights    
2.12 Introduction to Chemistry    
IF17 Judicial Medical Examination of Forensic Findings    
12.2 Master Thesis    
112.11 Mathematical Statistics with Reliability Theory    
12 Mathematics    
2.28 Medicine and Medical Engineering    
12.11 Methodology of Scientific Research    
112 Methodology of Scientific Research    
IF1 Methods of Natural Sciences in Forensics    
2.3783 Microscopy    
IF11 Nanomaterials and Nanotechnologies    
IF14 Nuclear Forensics    
2.31 Optical and Spectroscopic Devices    
112.5 Optical Devices in Forensics    
2.24 Organic and Inorganic Chemistry    
2.17 Physical Chemistry    
2.15 Physics    
IF8 Polymer and Composite Materials    
IF15 Polymeric Biomaterials    
26 Probability and Statistics    
2.1P Professional Practice    
2.2P Professional Practice    
2.3P Professional Practice    
2.4P Professional Practice    
112.2 Research Study Project 1    
112.4 Research Study Project 2    
112.6 Research Study Project 3    
112.8 Research Study Project 4    
112.9 Research Study Project 5    
2.3785 Risk Theory    
2.41 Road Traffic Engineering    
IF5 Selected Chapters in Ecological Engineering    
IF6 Selected Topics in Genetic Engineering and Forensic Genetics    
2.3781 Sociology of Labor    
12.182 Special Purpose Materials    
IF3 Spectroscopic Techniques    
112.1 Structure and Properties of Materials    
2.3342 Technical and Technological Characterization of Materials    
12.13 Technical Engineering    
2.4782 Technological Examination of Tools    
IF16 Terotechnology    
IF10 The Concept of Risk Theory in Forensic Engineering    
IF7 The Methods of Technical and Technological Sciences in Forensics